Our stylish and attractive design product, produced by a Thermoteq Limited forming machine that gives it a box type profile design. Quick and easy to install, it has a high heat resistance, and a long life span due to its perfectly coated high grade steel. Our Box profile enhances the coverage provided by standard box profiles thereby making it the most cost effective product available in the market.

Know about Our Mabati

ThermoSpan EPS consists of a 0.59mm profiled roofing sheet bonded to an EPS core with a ceiling panel sheet bonded to the underside. ThermoSpan EPS does have fire retardant properties but is not fire rated. ThermoSpan EPS can be used in a variety of residential and commercial, roof and wall cladding applications. ThermoSpan EPS panel’s are also available in a limited colour range from the Colorsteel range of roof colours and as per attached
High insulation value, good water resistance, light weight and low cost make versatile EPS insulation. ideal for use in a variety of single-ply membrane systems and built-up roofs (BUR) used in new construction and reroofing applications