Thermoteq’s experience and expertise in bakery equipment design and catering engineering set us apart in the food service industry. Commercial bakery equipment refers to the specialized machinery and tools designed for use in larger-scale bakeries and food production facilities.

Having the right equipment is essential for efficient production and maintaining consistent quality in a bakery. Commercial bakery equipment are built to handle higher production volumes and maintain consistent quality. Thermoteq team prepares turnkey packages and provides project management support, from budget management to delivery and installation.

Our clientele includes:

  • Bakeries
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Financial Institutions
  • Corporate facilities
  • Government institutions

We have highly skilled and experienced professional team equipped to undertake projects of any size in Kenya.

Bakery Equipment

Commercial Bakery Equipment

We are a leading bakery equipment supplier in Kenya with over 15 years of operational experience. Our focus is always on quality, from small-scale bakery projects to large-scale renovations. Here are some of the essential bakery equipment we supply.

  1. Deck Ovens: These ovens feature stone or brick decks, allowing even heat distribution and producing excellent crusts for bread and other baked goods.
  2. Convection Ovens: Convection ovens use fans to circulate hot air, resulting in faster and more even baking. They are used as commercial bakery equipment. These ovens are ideal for baking pastries, cookies, and other delicate items.
  3. Rack Ovens: Rack ovens are large, versatile ovens with multiple racks that can hold several trays of baked goods at once, making them suitable for high-volume production.
  4. Spiral Mixers: These powerful mixers are designed for handling large quantities of dough. The spiral-shaped agitator ensures thorough mixing and proper gluten development. Order this from a top bakery equipment supplier in Kenya.
  5. Planetary Mixers: Planetary mixers are versatile and can handle various baking tasks, from mixing dough to whipping cream and beating eggs.
  6. Divider-Rounders: These machines divide and shape the dough into equal portions, streamlining the process and ensuring consistency.
  7. Pastry Sheeters: Large, heavy-duty sheeters can roll out significant amounts of dough for pastries, croissants, and puff pastry.
  8. Proofing Cabinets: Commercial proofers offer precise control over temperature and humidity, allowing optimal fermentation and proofing of dough.
  9. Bread Slicers: Automated bread slicers can quickly and uniformly slice large quantities of bread loaves.
  10. Cooling Tunnels: Cooling tunnels speed up the cooling process for baked goods, increasing production efficiency.
  11. Doughnut Fryers: These machines are designed to fry doughnuts and other fried pastries quickly.
  12. Automated Depositors: Depositors help portion out fillings, batters, and dough onto baking trays, ensuring consistent results.
  13. Dough Extruders: These machines can extrude dough into various shapes, useful for producing cookies, pasta, and certain bread types.
  14. Flour Silos and Sifters: Flour silos hold large quantities of flour, and sifters help ensure flour is free from lumps before use.
  15. Industrial Mixers: For large-scale production, industrial mixers can handle substantial batches of ingredients.
  16. Bread Moulders: Moulders shape and roll the dough for various types of bread, including baguettes and loaves.
  17. Bagging and Packaging Machines: Automated machines for packaging finished baked goods, increasing efficiency and hygiene.
  18. Conveyor Belts and Systems: Conveyor systems facilitate the movement of trays and products throughout the bakery, reducing manual handling.

These are just some examples of commercial bakery equipment supplied and manufactured by Thermoteq Limited. The choice of bakery equipment will depend on the specific needs and production capacity of the bakery. It’s essential to select high-quality and reliable equipment to ensure smooth operations and consistent product quality. Our consultants are available to give you technical and experiential advises on best choices for both commercial bakery equipment and domestic bakery equipment.

Thermoteq Limited manufactures and supplies quality commercial kitchen equipment, butchery equipment, restaurant kitchen equipment, cold rooms, chillers and freezer rooms. We are a leading bakery equipment supplier in Kenya in food and catering industry.

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